The Story

“Discover the drummer filled with passion and a zest for life, and experience the beat that has the world tapping their feet!”


When Eden’s mother was pregnant with him, his father would take a speaker and hold it against his mother’s belly while playing Johannes Brahms piano concerto no 2. Eden is pretty sure that explains his love for music in general and specifically for classical music.

Eden grew up in Tel-Aviv and played the drums as much as he could. When he was 13 he received for his Bar Mitzvah his first professional drum set and when he was 14 he went on his first tour in Cyprus. Soon after he was lucky to have the opportunity to perform all around the world and learn from one of the most talented and renowned musicians in Israel, Yaron Bahar, who happens to also be his father.

They collaborated on an album in 2015, Classical Storm, on it they played classical music orchestrated for piano and drums. In the army, he served in the IDF orchestra for two years as a drummer. After that, his professional career as a drummer took off and Eden found himself performing all around the world playing different genres of music and meeting amazing musicians along the way.

It’s beyond anything he could imagine. Eden is always open to new projects and would love to collaborate with anyone who wishes to get funky! Nothing makes him happier and more grateful than seeing people dance to his drum beat.

Recorded Work

  • 2017 ‘SOBO Blues Band’ – Israel
  • 2017 ‘Bdidut Mehula’, ‘Karov’, ‘Tni Li’, ‘Ze Bull’ ‘Keday Lehizaher’, ‘Matzav Tov’, ‘Or’ Eitan Ginzburg – Israel
  • 2017 ‘Hyde’, ‘Parparim’, ‘Penelope’ Yaara Shaulian – Israel
  • 2017 ‘Too Late’, ‘DJ Bang Band’, ‘Black & White’ David Sheetrit – Israel
  • 2017 ‘Marimba Rasta’ Adi Morag – Israel
  • 2017 ‘Avinu Malkenu’ Erez Netz – Israel
  • 2015 ‘Classical Storm’ Yaron Bahar and Eden Bahar – Israel
  • 2015 ‘Ahuva’, ‘Mul Einenu’ Yoshi Sade
  • 2013 ‘Kaftor Vaperach’, ‘Tozeret Haaretz’ Ofer Levy – Israel
  • 2013 ’Hapaam’, ‘Ad Sheharuach Tashuv’ Avi Toledano – Israel
  • 2011 ‘Fooled By The Hush’ Capricia – Israel
  • 2008-2012 Dr. Samson Stern – Israel
  • 2005 ’Sulfat Habgida’ Eden Idan Haham – Israel
  • 2001 ‘Lo Yaale Al Hadaat’ Eric Levy – Israel
  • 2000 ‘Last Letters To Anna’ Nir Hod – Israel

Latest Projects

  • 2017 Rockin 1000 – Val Veny, Italy
  • 2017 Naama “NAMA” Cohen – Israel
  • 2017 Matan Amit (SMV Tribut) – Israel
  • 2017 Yaara Shaulian – Israel
  • 2017 Yair Levi – Israel
  • 2017 Yitzchak Klepter – Israel
  • 2017 Moshe Na’aman – Israel
  • 2017 Greg Copeland – Israel
  • 2017 Peer Tasi – Israel
  • 2017 Roee Sendler – Israel
  • 2017 Idan Yaniv – Israel
  • 2017 Ruthy Navon – Israel
  • 2017 Chalav Udvash – Israel
  • 2017 Ilanit – Israel
  • 2017 Hanny Nahmias – Israel
  • 2016-2017 Founder of ‘THE EXPERIMENT’ with Gal Motiuk, Omri Skop, and Netta Barzilai

Featured Collaborations

  • 2017 Rockin 1000 – Val Veny, Italy
  • 2016-2017 Founder of ‘THE EXPERIMENT’ with Gal Motiuk, Omri Skop, and Netta Barzilai
  • 2016-2017 Kobi Oshrat (Eurovision winner 1979) – Israel
  • 2016-2017 LEGEND BAND Israel, Armenia, Argentina, Germany, Russia, and Italy.
  • 2015 Croatia Drum Camp (1st place winner), Clayton Cameron and Rick Latham – Grožnjan, Croatia
  • 2015–2017 SOBO Blues Band, (1st place winner at the Israel Blues Challenge 2016, finalist at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee 2017) – Russia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, Canada, Red Sea Jazz Festival Winter 2016 – Eilat, Israel
  • 2015 ‘Classical Storm’ Yaron Bahar and Eden Bahar – Israel
  • 2012–2017 Fi-Hankra (African drum group) – Ghana, Africa
  • 2012 Nišville Jazz Festival, Amir Gwirtzman, and Yaron Bahar – Niš, Serbia
  • 2010–2013 David D`or (Countertenor) Caesarea Amphitheater with the ‘Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’ and the ‘Gipsy Kings’ – Israel, China, Spain and USA

The Rhythm

Inspiration comes when you least expect it but when you’re most receptive to it. I look for patterns and differences, connecting the dots between the new thing I’ve just heard, seen, or learned (aka what you didn’t know) and what you already know.

So to get this happening I read a lot – books, articles, blog posts, websites. I watch a lot of different things, not just movies, but also TED talks, comedy shows, documentaries, old movies, art movies, interview videos. I go to different events whenever I can. Everyone is different and everyone’s experience and opinions are different. If you are open and receptive to listening and understanding, you will learn something new, something interesting, something that inspires you.

Just make sure you keep an open mind and you talk to people, genuinely want to get to know other people and listen. I meet new people, talk to randoms and interesting people I see at events. It makes me think about what I’m doing with my life, what I want to do, and what I should do. It makes me feel motivated and inspired to do more and be more. I try to write because when you write you naturally have to think, think deeply, structure your thoughts, re-think, re-write, look for more information, look for more inspiration, and try to be as creative as you can because you want the audience to be engaged. And in writing, you always discover something you’ve never thought of before. A new perspective has been lid up.

There, you feel inspired!

– Eden Bahar

In the summer of 2016 Eden took a workshop in a small village in Groznjan, Croatia.

It was the 10th anniversary of the camp so they brought amazing drummers to teach such as Steve Gadd, Horacio Hernandez, Pete Lockett, Claus Hessler and John Riley. During a class session with Steve, one of the students asked him for a few tips for a young drummer in the industry and without hesitation, Steve answered with a few life mottos: follow your heart, practice hard, give it a shot, enjoy the journey, stay in the moment, the sky is the limit. When Steve said “follow your heart”, it really moved Eden, he couldn’t stop thinking about that sentence for a few months after the workshop. Eden wanted to make a small tattoo for a while now, he knew he wanted it on his left arm, he just wasn’t sure what. And in December 2016, just a few months after the workshop in Croatia, he had the idea of tattooing the sentence that Steve said – follow your heart